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Texas Callers' Hall of Fame 

The Texas State Callers' Hall of Fame is an award where callers are proudly recognized as Texas Callers who have called for more than 25 Years in Texas and contributed to the overall success of Square Dancing. The Texas Callers Hall of Fame is to honor their achievements, thank them for their contributions, and award them special recognition by their peers. 


Dave was the 23rd caller to be inducted into the Texas Callers Hall of Fame. This was an acknowledgement for his service and given to him on August 29, 2015.  His club, the Lone Star Solos in Dallas, Texas, hosted a special dance to fundraise for the USO. Along with Mike Bramlett, another Hall Of Famer, over 20 squares and many family and friends surprised Dave as he was announced as the next recipient of the coveted Texas Callers Hall of Fame award.

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