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Dave Vieira-The History

EARLY YEARS-Dave was born in Massachusetts, the third sibling with a brother and sister before him. Dave grew up enjoying the history of the Boston area and still loves to visit. Just before high school Dave's dad retired;  Dave, Mom, and Dad packed up and moved to Florida. Dave spent his high school years enjoying all the Florida area had to offer mostly, the beaches. After graduation Dave entered the military. Like many of his family members before him, including his brother who was career Air Force, Dave also chose the Air Force as the branch to serve his country. It was no surprise to anyone that knew Dave that his intrigue and interest in electronics would take him to a career in the Air Force entrenched in this discipline.


SQUARE DANCE, EUROPE-After Air Force training Dave was sent to West Germany. Here Dave quickly adapted to the culture, food, and lifestyle of the area. He also found square dance lessons in September 1975 and decided to take a whirl. By April 1976 Dave started to call and by May he received his trainee badge from the European Callers and Teachers Association (ECTA). Like many beginning callers, Dave was, well, he needed practice and practice he did........then in July,1977 Dave was promoted to full member. Now that might not sound like much, but at this point a caller would have needed to assist with lessons, call dances, attend training seminars, call exhibitions and then the final phase was to be tested by the training coordinator of ECTA. The test took place one afternoon at the Summer Jamboree in Belgium, 1977. Rudy Pohl directed Dave's testing that day. Dave was required to resolve squares to home or left allemande in three moves or less. Then came being a club caller, calling for festivals, teaching, serving on the board of ECTA, and calling for exhibitions. Dave called in European countries including Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Norway, Luxemburg, France, Lithinstein, Belgium, West Germany, and Italy. Highlights while in West Germany included calling the Heidelberg Castle Dance, Frankenstein Castle Dance and the 25th Anniversary of Square Dancing in Europe as one of the headliners.


SQUARE DANCE, U.S.-In 1980 Dave's duty station was changed to Mississippi. Here Dave continued his square dance calling and service to the activity. During his time in Mississippi Dave served as president of the Gulf Coast Callers Association and then president of the Mississippi State Callers Association, while being a club caller, and more. Dave left his service in the Air Force taking a position in the Dallas area in 1984. Here Dave has continued to be active, promoting square dancing, sharing and enhancing his skills and abilities. Dave has been a member of CALLERLAB, the international callers association, over 30 years serving on various committees. Also a member of Texas State Callers Association and has served in various roles including president. As a member of the North Texas Callers Association he has held numerous positions including being the first three time president of the association.  He is also a past member and President of the East Texas Callers Association. Dave has participated at national conventions, cruise vacations, weekend specials, square dance weeks, regional conventions, assisted with CALLERLAB Conventions, many dance parties, served as chair of the Overseas Dancer Association and received the coveted Nester Award. States where Dave has performed includes: Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Missouri, Utah, Massachusetts, Florida, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Hawaii, Alaska, Arkansas, North Carolina, Maryland, New Hampshire, Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and Indiana.

Dave and wife Michele recently moved to Florida.  Residing in Ocala, Florida Dave is continuing to call and joined the Florida Callers Association. He is enjoying guest appearances in the area, calling for Ocala Twirlers, New Circle Squares, and teaching lesson is The Village Squares.


Dave continues to call in Texas and all over the United States, Europe, Australia, and has also called in the Philippines and Japan. His family is very supportive of his square dance calling. His wife of 31+ years, Michele travels with him to many dances. Michele is a beginning caller and is a round dance cuer. The oldest, son Brian and his wife Anne are square dancers and have traveled to Europe to dance with Dave. Dave also has a son Justin and his wife Courtney, who is currently serving as an Army Major. Dave enjoys being surrounded by his grandchildren Zander, Jessika, and Owen.


Dave was inducted to the Texas Callers Hall of Fame August 29, 2015 see the 

Hall of Fame Page for details.


















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